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Touch-Free Processing

for 90%+ of All Supplier Invoices

Integrate with Your Existing Solutions

Pay Only for Automatically-Reconciled Invoices

A Solution Suppliers Just Love

Onboard thousands of suppliers per month
with free and low-cost connectivity options.

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Cool Vendor

“Orders to cash and procure to pay are core enterprise processes that B2B vendors have been trying to properly automate for nearly four decades – state machine technology is certainly not new either, but Nipendo seems to have found the right level of abstraction and flexibility in its platform, and can now address the rapidly expanding market for international e-invoicing services”.

Cool Vendors in Integration, 2014   Read more >

More Awards

Nipendo, the leader in procure-to-pay automation, has been selected to the prestigious 2014 Spend Matters Almanac’s ”50 Providers to Watch” list.

Spend Matters Providers to Watch, 2014

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Nipendo wins Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Green Award. Automating Procure-to-Pay processes saves more trees than simple electronic invoicing.

Green Supply Chain Award, 2013

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What People Say

“We’ve seen case studies of large enterprises that have been able to achieve over 90% straight-through processing with no manual intervention… we’ve been impressed. ”
Henry Ijams, PayStream Advisors Read More
“Over 97% of suppliers’ invoices are processed straight through to SAP and approved for payment without any person touching them.”
David Lugassy, Clalit Healthcare Read More
“Nipendo isn’t just another P2P provider. Although they have much in common with the other leading vendors, Nipendo have some unique variants that I believe make them stand out from the crowd. ”
Pete Loughlin, Purchasing Insight Read More
"Over 90% of our suppliers’ invoices are e-invoices which are 100% reconciled with Nipendo E2E-Invoicing solution."
Gabi Ben Shlush, Head of Accounting, Israel Aerospace Industries Read More
"Nipendo is the real deal when it comes to supporting both application capability in P2P, such as e-invoicing and the connectivity or network layer itself."
Jason Busch, Spend Matters Read More