Procure-to-Pay Automation

Paperless. Effortless. Errorless.

Join Nipendo customers across industries that achieve over 90% automated invoice reconciliation with straight-through processing to their ERP systems, touch-free and error-free.

Process Automation: from Order to Payment and Everything in between

Nipendo Supplier Cloud allows you to automate the entire Procure-to-Pay process, extending your enterprise business processes beyond the company firewalls.

Unlike traditional workflow applications that route invoices for manual processing within the organization, Nipendo seamlessly integrates your suppliers into a collaborative process flow that allows you to streamline order fulfillment, eliminate errors, and dramatically reduce costs.

Data and Process Validation

To ensure errorless straight-through processing, any transaction going through Nipendo is validated for data consistency as well as compliance with business rules established by each buyer organizations. Nipendo also provides a comprehensive set of workflow tools for the end-user to manage exceptions. Overtime, the system even learns the correct matching and recovery patterns of erroneous transactions to continuously improve the quality of your data while reducing the manual effort involved in resolving exceptions.

E2E Invoicing: From Paperless to Errorless and Effortless

When your suppliers submit invoices through the Nipendo Supplier Cloud, invoice reconciliation can be transformed from a painful and time-consuming manual task into an automated and error-free process that allows you to accelerate the speed of business and reduce administrative costs.

Nipendo allows you to manage by exception rather than manually processing each invoice. Invoices are automatically reconciled with purchase orders and receiving records to ensure compliance with your payment policies. In case of a mismatch, the invoice is automatically returned to the supplier to be corrected, without any effort on your part and before it enters your ERP system.